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1)What is your in-game name? bigoldpeen

2) What is your first name? Harvey

3) What is your discord username? i have no purpose#7521

4) How old are you? 15

5) What is your time zone? GMT

6) What previous experience do you have?
I have been staff on a few of my friends server and I had a admin position on PlexCraft a 30 slot public server hosted by CreeperHost in the UK. It was successful and had alot of players per day, but I didn't like the way the owners were treating the problems (letting the the staff members do all the work and then having them take all the credit) and I didn't like the fact that the chose the worst staff members possible, almost of all of them corrupt. I was also a Mod on ShadowCraft, a small 15 slot which usually had 9 users on avg. and 1-2 staff on at one time. It was a fun community but was shut down do to lake of time and lack of good staff (most of them were leaving because they wanted to become staff on a bigger server and they couldn't picture the server growing)

7) Why do you think you would be a good staff member on BrutalMC? 

  • I have good communication Skills
  • Great knowledge on how servers and plugins work
  • I'm often Online and try to be as active and positive on the chat as possible
  • I enjoy helping other players in need of help
  • I'm a really serious person when it needs to be
  • I have great past experience with Moderating servers

8) Finally, Let us know a little bit about yourself. I live in London England, I have been playing since late alpha and have been going multiplayer servers in early-mid beta.

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