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If you would like to apply for staff on BrutalMC please use this template provided, if you do not use this template, it will result in your application being declined instantly, the minimum age requirement for staff here is 14 years of age, if you are under the age, you will also be declined, thanks for having interest and good luck with your application!

1)What is your in-game name?

2) What is your first name?

3) What is your discord username?

4) How old are you?

5) What is your time zone?

6) What previous experience do you have?

7) Why do you think you would be a good staff member on BrutalMC?

8) Finally, Let us know a little bit about yourself.

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Hello, BrutalMC will be a server run by a few friends starting with factions, our plans are to work on the server for a couple of weeks with a few people testing bugs before we release later on this month, stick around for updates in the future!


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