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Hyped for the Server Release!



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Here is the first BrutalMC YouTube video! https://youtu.be/H_yu9DgL8rU



6 months ago

I wanted to make the first forum discussion on the Hype for the Server Release!

6 months ago

1)What is your in-game name?






2) What is your first name?






3) What is your discord username?


4) How old are you?



5) What is your time zone?


EST (Eastern Standard Time)

6) What previous experience do you have?


I have been staff on a previous faction server called CustomFactions.  The server went through an owner change, which caused it to die out.  I was a helper on that server, however, I learned how to do work on the forums (website), discord, and in-game.

7) Why do you think you would be a good staff member on BrutalMC?


I have previous staff experience and I am known on the servers I play on as being kind and helpful.  I am also a YouTuber and have a YouTube rank on 4 of the servers I play on.  Having that rank is almost like having a helper rank.  I have to be equally kind and helpful to players that ask me a question or ask a general question.  To me, having a YouTube rank is as poweful as a staff rank on any server, because just like how a helper can get "fired" for not doing their job good or not being kind to people, a YouTuber can get "fired" from a server if they get a bad reputation on a server.  

8) Finally, Let us know a little bit about yourself.


So my favorite color is purple.  I am also (planned to be....Who knows with COVID-19) the head captian on my high school swim team.  I also own 2 individual swimming school records + 1 relay (1 person on a 4 person relay) record.  I am also a YouTuber.




I want to thank the BrutalMC Owners for giving me the chance to apply for staff on BrutalMC.  


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